The Falling Away of The Worldly Teacher. ACIM @Ibiza Enlight Festival 2015 (engl/esp)

There is a moment in which it dawns on you that no worldly teacher can satisfy your desire for what you will have to find within yourself. The worldly teacher is falling away for moment so that you can be confronted with your certainty that everything lies already within you.

A recording in english and spanish of a talk given at the Ibiza Enlight Festival 2015.

Thank you for supporting my work and the making of the ACIM Europe documentary:

Calling our Source. ACIM at Ibiza Enlight Festival 2015

There is an action in your own mind that is totally alien to your separate self. It is an action of communication with your Source in order to realize what you already have. It is not a prayer for worldly things, but for true forgiveness.

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